PULSAR 2022 ATA SOFTWARE UPDATES.                                       ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW                                            AND WHEN TO RING Your ATA taxi meter will be pre loaded with the new 2022 Tariff programme and a separate 5 year calendar programme, licensed by ATA and approved and tested  by Irish Legal Met.   Some other taxi meter brands will only give you just over a two year calender, this means in just over two years you will have to be reprogrammed again with another two year calendar  and of course pay the sealing fee , with ATA its 5 years. Very simply if you get your taxi meter updated with the two updates before the 1st Sep, your taxi meter will switch to the new 2022 fare rate on the 1st Sep.
                PRE LOADING BEFORE THE 1st SEPTEMBER  ………..
As you are on our database of ATA drivers you have received this message link , you will not have to queue in a long line that can take hours before your updated,            you can ring and arrange your booking on: 086 061 3299 between 2pm and 6pm (only)  , starting 16th August and we will give you a  date and time ( time slot ). Where do I go ?, the meter updates will be at : the Celbridge  Texaco spar petrol station :  here is the post code for Google maps, W23K2D5 This venue  has a coffee, bar,  subway bar, pizza bar, and so on, including toilets and even a ATM cash machine. BPA and cancer ?   We will be carrying a supply of BPA free ticket rolls,  these are not coated with  BPA ( what’s BPA ? its a chemical it seems that can cause cancer , just by simply touching a BPA coated receipt,  BPA is absorbed into the skin, while banks, Tescos and other supermarket chains have switched to non coated BPA receipts, it has not been mandated by  the Irish National Transport department. AS far as we know there   is only one manufacturer of non BPA coated  ticket roils in Ireland that is Kempis Ltd , Its a wholly owned  Irish company.   You may in the future reconsider where you get your receipt  rolls from……….even if they are some times free , think twice. My taxi meters time is out a little bit !.                                         Don’t  panic ! When you go to Applus for sealing , your meters clock cannot be more than plus Or minus 5 minutes out, or you will  be failed. Please inform us when you arrive so we can offer you a  time adjust service.. THE NEW METER SEALING SYSTEM  In 2020 a new security sealing system was introduced , some of you may have  the sealing dongle fitted by Applus ,  If you have not got the new sealing dongle fitted to your meter you will need a special ATA manufactures sealing kit fitted to your taxi meter, please ask when you arrive as we have a limited stock of these ATA sealing kit and they are selling fast.  If your ATA taximeter was newly purchased since April 2020 you probably will not need one fitted.  Very simply Applus will fail you if you do not have the ATA sealing kit, so they can fit their dongle to your taxi meter.. NEW TTI FORM SYSTEM  The old green paper TTI form is no longer issued since 2020. The new electronic system was introduced April 2020 You will receive a copy  by email from ILM, once you receive the  TTI  form , you have 21 days to get your meter sealed. GOOD NEWS   As we understand it , the new 2022 fare structure has a built in allowance of €200 for the new software update !.  FreeNow are advertising  they will pay your sealing fees !. YOUR TAXI METER BATTERY   Your ATA taxi meter has internal battery, this battery keeps the time clock active if your car is taken in a garage for repair and the cars battery is disconnected .  If there is no power to the car say for 2 or 3 weeks this internal battery activates, and as its being used, the battery will run down , and if this  happens you will get a date error on your meter. Even if the internal battery is not used it will degrade over time.  If your meter is more than say 3 years old, or you have been to a garage or been on a long holiday and return to find your cars battery is flat. You should get the internal battery replaced.  In order to replace the battery the seal has to be broken and the meter partly taken apart. Most get the internal battery replaced during a fare change , it just makes economic sense